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Posted on 2006.10.26 at 14:58
yay i had forgotten the log in for this one!! i cant believe i found it!! haha im so happy ^_^ well yea ttyl



Posted on 2006.05.25 at 00:52
i havent posted in a while... im uber bored at the moment :-P hehe but yeah.... not much goin on here im out for da summer :D yay but i still have to work.. oh yeah did i mention i have a job? lol yeppers getting paid is nice lol but yeah.. uggg im soo mad tho... monday i couldnt go in cuz i was sick... and so all of a sudden today they are like oh by the way.. you work 2marra from 5-10.. but we wont get out til about 11 or like 2night 11:30... and well i was planning on attending a show it was gonna have my friends band and everything ... but no.. cuz that show runs from 5-11... damn work... im realy pissed actually i work 5 days a freaking week.. total of about 28 hours a week.. and its usually late at night... and w. school it was wake up for school.. go to school.. get home and have just enough time to eat something fast then go to work.. then id work till 10 or 11... (which is later than high school students are supposed to work on weeknights) then i come home do my homework and whatnot then go to bed and do it again... so yeah.. im a touch tired from all that.. and i only get to sit douring my break... i get yelled @ for everything and i mean everything.. cuz im the cashier... so if someone makes a sub wrong i get hollard at.. if the customer says it wrong i get hollared at... if the lobby isnt spotless i get hollared at... its messed up... but such is life but yeah im gonna go now... ttyl yall




Posted on 2006.05.25 at 00:36
Current Mood: boredbored
can you see how bored i was ^_^

Life is Random...ask questions
Ocean or Lake?ocean
Mansion or Penthouse?mansion.. they can be creepy tho
Have you been on a Jet Ski?
Are you afraid of clowns?si! lol
How many brothers/sisters do you have?5 bros 1 sis
Favorite band/group?hmm cant say i have a favorite
Baseball or football?football all da way
Favorite brand of makeup?hmm.. covergirl i guess
Waffles or pancakes?pancakes
Do you have an IPod?yeppers.. tis a lil shuffle tho
Bike or scooter?bike!
Ever go in a hot air balloon?no... well not in the air
How will you celebrate turning 21?dont know...
What brand computer do you have?hp
How many times have you been to DisneyWorld?zippo
Favorite city?ETTRICK!!! haha not close to a city but it works
Ice cream or frozen yogurt?frozen yogurt
Do you think you are fat?no
Ever throw up in a public place?nope
Do you have a pool?yeah.. its called a pond :P
Ever drive a car?duh
How many times a month do you go to the movies?once... maybe
Last movie you saw?scary movie 4
Who is your hero?shaun white
How old are your parents?old enough haha
What deceased person would you like to meet?..... Ann Frank
Do you chew ice?no.. can you say brain freeze?!
Have you been to California?yea... our plane landed there once ^_^ we walked aroun
Last book you read?what they dont know
Favorite teacher?Mr. Hanley!!!! hes da bomb!!!
Do you like to go fishing?sometimes
How many of those do you regret?2 wait what?
What is you average in school?b
Favorite professional team?Tennessee Titans... Packers suck
Do you like mohawks?not realy
How many pairs of shoes do you own?alot
Do you floss?yea
Do you have braces?yea
Do you bite your nails?nope
What is your last thought before falling asleep?sooo... sleepy....
Do you fall in love easily?no... not realy
Ever have a crush and they never knew?oh yeah tons of times
Do you babysit?used to
Ever been shot at?umm by bb guns yea
Do you work out/exercise?sometimes
Do you have 6 pack abs?yeah right
Do you consider yourself nice?on occasion i can be realy mean tho
What movie character would you like to be?i dunno
Do you go to camp for the summer?nope
Ever been bit by a snake?no... amazingly
Have you been on a boat?tons of times
Name of friend you have known the longest?melissa
Do you like jumping on a trampoline?heck yes!!
Ever break a bone?yeah like 5
Name of favorite Aunt/Uncle?hmm.... Aunt Charlotte
What is your ultimate job?training horses
Do you want to walk on the moon?heck yes that would be awesome!
Can you name the seven dwarfs?umm... sure
Favorite TV show?.. dont have a fave
Apples or oranges?oranges
Favorite model of car?oooh.... im a fan of the new viper...
Favorite flower?hybiscus.. or rose... i like em both
Favorite color?silver
Besides family, ever have someone of the opp sex in your bedroom?yeah
Ever climb out your bedroom window?heck yes!! lol not this one tho lol
Do you live in an apartment or house?house
How many times in the last month have you had the hiccups?umm idont keep track
Ever laugh so hard milk came out your nose?no
How many cousins do you have?too many
Do you believe in ghosts?yeah ive seen em before
If you were a bird, what would you be?a cockateil... they are annoying like me ^_^
Ever get stitches?.. in my mouth yeah :P
If you could, would you want to know what your future was going to be?no... i like surprises
How many kids do you want to have?1 or 2
If you could change your name, what would it be?i wouldnt
Dogs or cats?hmm both
Who do you tell your problems to?my closest friends.. usually just my journal
Who can your tell your secrets to and know they wont tell?my closest friends....
Do you believe in love at first sight?not realy.... lust at first site is more like it
Do you go to church?not weekly but yeah
Would you marry outside your religon?maybe... depends
Volleyball or tennis?volleyball!!
How many people were at your last party?dunno
Ever ride in a limo?nope
Ever drink champagne?no
Favorite dinner?seafood




Posted on 2006.04.07 at 14:43
Current Location: school...
Current Mood: excitedexcited
not much new here.. hmmm the guy i like moved away... yea not fun, he liked me too but he just had to move.. (to WI) oh the irony.. but yeah.. now he likes another girl he met on myspace.. from MASS and she has a big chest... hmm what a guy... but yeah.. I dunno im so confused right now it isnt even funny.. i still like someone else from WI... yall probably know who it is haha but yeah... he likes a girl who stood him up 3 times... she needs to realise how great he is... i dunno.. too much confusion here.... the school got myspace blocked to where i cant find a loophole to get there.... tis site isnt blocked yet tho haha gotta love it :D if yall want to add me on myspace its www.myspace.com/twysterboarder27 so yeah :P im on it everyday.. unlike here where i only get on about once or twice a month... yay... history work haha too bad im not doing it hehe in about 10 min im leaving for the arts festival.. my friends band is playing... Behind the Curtain im psyched!! i cant wait haha.. then i gotta work at a 4-h shooting sports booth.. fun fun :P 2marra i gotta volenteer there again then hopefully cazzie and I are gonna go to a rap battle so she can meet up w. her bf... he has a friend im supposed to meet haha.. kinda nervous tho.. ive seen a pic.. hes hott!! and he probably wont like me.. oh well lol such is life... well i gotta get going :P ttyl



@ school and bored as all get out

Posted on 2006.03.14 at 12:08
soooo bored!!! lol im in english... oh snap theres the teacher.... ahah shes gone :P im bored as all get out... i know i havent been on here for while, but yeah a lil update... 1 more week to spring break!!!! it is a sad thing tho cuz my friend jared is moving :( he leaves the day after spring break.. for WI... of all the places.. but yeah such is life.... other than that there isnt much new.. almost beach weather!! YAY lol cant wait to go to the beach lol well ill talk to yall l8er ttyl.... oh ya i got a puppy :P but ill tell yall bout that later...



huge dilemma.....

Posted on 2006.01.03 at 22:55
Current Mood: confusedconfused
i have a massive dilemma... ok this is gonna sound soooo corny and 'middleschoolish' but yeah.. i swear its more than it seems... i like these 2 guys.. well 3.. but i like 1 sooooo much its not even funny... ive liked him for a few years were tight friends and all but i dont think he knows how i feel... i actually talk to him about him without him knowing (if that makes sense) and he tells me to tell that person how i feel.. but i cant risk loosing him as a friend i value him too much that way..... and im very positive he doesnt like me... i just wish i could see how he feels.. i want to ask him but at the same time i want somone else to but i want him to tell me because he wants to not because someone asks him or something.. its realy weird.. i dunno what to do... suggestions would kick ass.. and would be greatly appreciated.... then there is guy #2 who i kinda like and sorta acts like he might be interested hes super sweet and all but i feel bad because of how i feel for the 1st guy... oh yes did i mention both of them like 1000 miles away?!?! yeah that doesnt help... they both live back in my homestate WI... and im all the way down here in FL... i hate life... then there is guy #3... he is down here... hes a year younger than me (guys 1&2 are 1 year older than me) and hes nice and sweet.. sometimes he acts like he likes me but wont talk to me in front of others... hmm yeah.. but hes also realy shy so i dunno what it is.... and id feel bad dating him and ugg i hate all of this i know this sounds soo corny but its true and as for guy #1 ive never liked anyone as much as i like him..... love bites...... yeah and to top it off my friends want me to date another one of my friends.. no offence not gonna happen...ok venting feels good... :P well yeah ttyl love and miss yall!!!



I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 2005.12.25 at 21:45
Current Mood: excitedexcited
YES YES YES!!! I GOT MY SHAUN WHITE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!! I THINK IVE TOLD 1/2 THE WORLD NOW BUT YEAH! lol go back in my blogs youll see that ive been trying soooo hard to get it and i finally got it!! tis a kick ass movie btw! lol well g2g MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!



hey all

Posted on 2005.09.17 at 20:21
Current Mood: amusedamused
hey yall!! long time no update :P lol weve been busy.. o yeah i can now be found on myspace @ www.myspace.com/twysterboarder27 lol ya :P im on that almost daily :P.... wuts new here..... ummm went 2 the beach 2day!! it wuz kool! lol i went snorkling then i did some body surfing until i got the shit stung outa me! i wuz gettin stung when snorklin but not enough 2 come in then i went body surfin and i had a good wave and a jellyfish got between me and my board and it stung the crap outa me! it hurt like a mother... lol ya then i tried to like itch my arm and the jellyfish was plastered to my arm!!! i took my towel pretty quick and got it off!! lol and needless 2 say i got another towel :P but yeah :P other than that it wuz ok some poor kid somehow got a metal wire shoved thru this thumb! and it was stickin outa somethin in the water so i dunno but they cut it and took him 2 the docs w/ the metal in his hand..... ouch! i thought @ 1st they said that he stuck his finger in a clam shell and it closed on him... which does happen dont try it.. and i wuz like hello.. put freshwater on it... but then i heard em and he couldnt move cuz the wire wuz attacted 2 something... i feel 4 that kid! but i didnt see blood... that wuz odd.... very odd.... the other thing i lacked 2 see were the freakin jellyfish! all i knew is i got stung a grand total of about 20 times... literally i have bumps on my stomach but there arent realy any poisonous ones where i went so im not 2 worried... the bumps r goin away and it dont hurt no more so.... mom and dad were like if u feel sick tell me right away! lol cuz we didnt see em so we couldnt be positive that they werent poisonous.... but yeah that wuz my day........ lol o im gonna start beach volleyball next summer!! im super excited! i found a partner and were gonna start training soon :D she hasnt played much and im pretty rusty so we need all winter 2 train b4 the tournies in the summer!!! im gonna have a training log on here soon and if i lack a day! chew me out big time!! lol dont let me miss any!! NONE lol well i g2g ttyl miss yall!!!



Posted on 2005.08.20 at 22:35
Current Mood: confusedconfused
life is soo confuzing..... i moved recently and am kinda fitting in... im kinds still trying 2 findout who i like out of 2 guys, both of which live like 1000 miles away... and one of em was in the er this morning so im spazzing out about that... and the other one.. i dunno hes never around 4 me 2 talk 2... i dunno then theres a local kid but i dunno if i like him or not but hes actually here where i live... i dunno i also got an email from my dad w/ pics and there was one of him and i havent seen a pic of him 4 about 10 years... its hard... i dunno.. he doesnt even look like me so it doesnt even feel like im realy related to him....... i dunno my life is soo messed up right now its not even funny.... well i better get going ttyl..


hey!! long time no post!

Posted on 2005.07.01 at 22:04
Current Mood: amusedamused
wow! i havent been here for ages!! im in FL now!!! not much goin on been 2 the beach once i havent met ne1 my age either :( it sux! but o well ill meet some eventually hmmm. not much to talk about :P im gonna get a skimboard and learn how 2 do that! havent been there recently tho due to the sharks :P well i g2g ttyl btw its hott here!

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